Social Media Code of Conduct

As places for sharing information and connecting with the community, the IEHP Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ pages focus on advancing health and wellness, providing health coverage information, and promoting community events and health & wellness fairs. 
We value the opportunity to connect with you, our fan, and we’re committed to being a resource for our online community. 

As a fan of any of these pages, you are responsible to comply with the IEHP Code of Conduct and for all of your activities on the IEHP page including content that you post or upload or content that you share. Additionally, you are responsible for adhering to all applicable local, state and national laws. 

We understand that issues arise, and our fans sometimes need our help. And that’s okay. We’re here to help. We’re here to connect you to the right resource, to help you find the answers you need. That’s what being a community is all about – helping one another. 

So, in order to keep our page positive and helpful, we ask that our fans follow these guidelines when interacting with us (IEHP) or other fans on our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ pages:
1. Share information – the purpose of the IEHP Facebook page is to get information out to our communities. So please share our information with friends and family. 

2. Use constructive feedback – so we can help resolve your issue, focus your feedback on the event or situation. Avoid open criticism. This does not help IEHP find a solution for you. 

3. Do not disclose your own (or someone else’s) personal health information (PHI) and/or your IEHP Member ID number. Any posts that contain this information will be removed by IEHP immediately without advance notice. 

4. State clearly how IEHP can help you. 

5. Do not post comments or questions that are offensive, demeaning or out of context. While we welcome constructive criticism, personal attacks of any kind will not be tolerated. These types of posts will be removed and blocked immediately without advance notice. Prohibited behavior includes but is not limited to: 

  • Comments, posts, and sharing of information including links to other pages/sites that express or advocate prejudice on the basis of age, gender, disability (physical or mental), ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, nationality or religion.
  • Comments, posts and sharing of information including links to other pages/sites that express profanity, hatred, violence, self-harm, hate speech or threats against an individual or group.
  • Comments, posts and sharing of information including links to other pages/sites that are sexually explicit, contain nudity or pornography.
  • Use of spam including fake or unsolicited advertisements, link scams, clickjacking, and fake commenting.
  • At anytime and without notice, IEHP reserves the right to change or modify this Code of Conduct. As a fan of our social pages we encourage you to periodically review this Code of Conduct.