Healthcare Scholarship Fund (HSF)

What is IEHP's Healthcare Scholarship Fund?

The Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP) Healthcare Scholarship Fund is our partnership with local academic institutions to help remove the barrier of debt for medical students. We hope the fund will encourage and increase the workforce supporting the Inland Empire’s growing Medi-Cal population.

Why the fund is important?

The Inland Empire has one of the lowest ratios of Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) and specialty physicians per 100,000 people in California. And, we lack adequate specialty and behavioral health practitioner capacity to serve the current growing population.


We want to help change this. HSF will help to remove the financial burden that so often restricts the choices of many aspiring health care professionals. That means more Inland Empire residents will be able to pursue careers in health care.

How do interested students apply?

Students are encouraged to contact the academic institutions below for more information on how to apply. While each institution may have differing eligibility requirements, all Healthcare Scholarships require students commit to practicing in the Inland Empire for five years after graduation.


Participating schools and programs include:


Loma Linda University Medical School

University of California Riverside

California University of Science and Medicine