No numbers at longtime Indio pediatrician's office, just 'adorable individuals'

Dr. Maria Nieves Gutierrez-Go, affectionately referred to as “Dr. Go” by her 7,000 young patients, is known in Indio for going the extra mile.


From the moment a family enters Dr. Go’s practice, Valley Children’s Medical Center, they are greeted with bright, colorful, playful murals adorning the walls and exam rooms, quelling any fear a child may have when visiting the doctor.


“It gives them a feeling that ‘I’m going to be OK,’” Dr. Go said.


That warmth and attention to detail is present in all of Dr. Go’s patient interactions, leading to the beloved pediatrician receiving the Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP) 2023 Optimal Care Award, which “honors a provider or entity that exemplifies world-class care and outcomes in preventive care, chronic care or hospital care.”


“As soon as I enter the room, I put my heart and mind into it,” she said. “I love the children; I love them from the time that I see them as a newborn. They are adorable individuals and I’d like to be part of them growing up.”


Although Dr. Go has seen many changes over 30 years in practice, her commitment to helping underprivileged communities get the care they need – without feeling like just a number – remains steadfast as does her collaboration with the “health plan with a heart.”


“Partnering with IEHP is a good partnership because IEHP is still giving us the tools and resources to create a better outcome, especially for the underprivileged children and their families,” Dr. Go said.

Perhaps the most compelling evidence of Dr. Go’s high-quality care is the generations of families who return to her office with every new baby.


“I have many of them that I have raised in this same office. And now they’re bringing their children back, and that gives me sometimes goosebumps,” Dr. Go said, smiling.