Meet Dr. Oyemade: Treating the whole patient

For Olusola Oyemade, MD, it’s not uncommon for former pediatric patients – now all grown up – to drop by his office for no medical reason whatsoever.


Sometimes, it’s a recent college graduate coming in to say “hi” and to thank “Dr. O,” as he’s known, for helping them stay on the right track. Other times, Dr. O serves as a tutor for kids still in school.  


Dr. O is not just a board-certified pediatrician and nephrology specialist; he is also a devoted mentor who cares about his patients’ overall well-being and success in life. In 2013, Dr. O received the Humanitarian Health Care Services award from San Antonio Regional Hospital in Upland, California.


Exemplifying IEHP’s Mission, Vision and Values, Dr. O inspires his patients to live healthy lives because he knows vibrant health is more than the absence of disease. Rather, it includes every aspect of a person’s life. 


When a patient walks into his Rancho Cucamonga office, Dr. O not only addresses their physical health, but he also examines emotional, social and even academic health. And he’s done this for more than 40 years.


“I want to know as much about [my patients] as possible, how they are doing in school, their social lives, etc.” Dr. O explained. “And for those who are having trouble, I try to help them.”


In fact, Dr. O has been known to help his young patients with their homework whether it’s understanding academic concepts or even social dynamics. He also encourages them to always aim high and chase their dreams.


And if they need a little more discipline in life, Dr. O gives them a no-nonsense perspective on the world.  


“I’ve had luck in a few cases, where a patient changed the course they were on and came back later to express their gratitude,” he said.


Real care is in the follow-up, and this is where Dr. O and his office staff shine as they aim to provide high-quality, compassionate treatment for all their patients.


They’ll follow up with a phone call to see how their patients are doing at home. It’s all part of taking a proactive approach to health care instead of a reactive one. And that proactiveness does not stop at the office door.


Dr. O is often invited to speak at local Inland Empire schools to give motivational speeches and lectures. He talks to students about taking life seriously and committing to being the best versions of themselves, to figure out what they want to do in life and pursue it with excellence. 


While this holistic approach to health care – focusing on the whole health of an individual, not just the physical aspects – is becoming a more prevalent practice among caregivers nationwide, Dr. O has used this approach ever since he graduated from University of Edinburgh Medical School in Scotland and came to the United States. He served his fellowship in pediatric nephrology at Georgetown University and holds a master’s degree in public health from Johns Hopkins University.


Dr. O joined an HMO group when he first came to the Inland Empire from Los Angeles in 1984 and shortly after, opened his private practice. 


“I appreciate the diversity in my practice and am sincerely interested in each person’s life,” he said. 

It’s providers like Dr. O who truly support vibrant health and wholeheartedly align with IEHP’s mission to “heal and inspire the human spirit.” 


That’s exactly what Dr. O does – one patient, one student and one homework session at a time.