Who will be IEHP’s next superhero?

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Now loading … The Eradicator 2.0.


Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP) has put out a casting call for its next reimaging of the health plan’s most well-known hero, one that focuses his message on the dangers of smoking by teaching youth using tobacco could lead to dependence and severe health problems as they age.


After 25 years of playing the part, The Eradicator’s original model and actor – James “Jim” Hormel – announced his retirement from portraying the character earlier this year.


“I loved being involved in community events and being recognized by kids in the community as a superhero,” Hormel said. “I was proud to be part of such a wonderful organization that provides so many services to those in need.”


Hormel did a tremendous job in the role, according to LuAnna Jauregui, IEHP’s community partnerships manager.


“He was great with children and young adults and reiterated the message of living a healthier lifestyle and why they should avoid smoking,” she said.


Health Heroes … Assemble


The Eradicator is part of IEHP’s Superhero Squad, tailored to create fun, interactive ways that encourage young children (and their families) to develop healthy lifestyle and safety habits at public events or through comic books and other printed materials. Each hero has their own set of skills and superpowers, all developed with the intent to connect with youth in the community, but even adults join the fun by snapping selfies, seeking autographs and taking home collectibles.


Along with The Eradicator, the IEHP superheroes include:


  • Mighty Fitnessa: With a “Don’t Quit, Get Fit” attitude, Mighty Fitnessa encourages the adoption of fitness routines that help all ages stay healthy and feel their best.
  • Super Nutricia: Sugar cravings? Cut them loose with help from Super Nutricia, a superhero who swoops in to save children from the clutches of The Junk Food Junkies.
  • Rad Rider: You know what’s in? Wearing helmets, and Rad Rider is here to help enforce that message through the importance of bicycle safety.

While each character champions a different cause, when their powers are combined, they help drive the importance of optimal health, Jauregui said.


“The squad’s overall mission is to help youth create lifelong habits,” she added. “Education is key.”


A new hero will emerge


The search is now underway for a new person to step into The Eradicator role. Applications are open to “heroes” 18 and older who are enthusiastic about promoting a smoke-free lifestyle and are committed to creating a culture of community health and well-being. Responsibilities include:


  • Engaging with the community in costume to raise awareness about the dangers of smoking.
  • Conducting educational awareness sessions on the benefits of adopting a smoke-free life.
  •  Collaborating with IEHP’s Superhero Squad to help drive the plan’s anti-smoking message and initiatives.


Those interested in applying may send a resume and brief statement on why they are the ideal candidate to Jauregui via email at Jauregui-L@iehp.org. For those ready to commit to the role, Hormel’s advice is to “enjoy every moment connecting with the community, especially with the kids.”

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